Bagel Macher at Pizzahacker, San Francisco

On Sundays from 10:30-1:00, Pizzahacker is making bagels as sort of a pop up called Bagel Macher and selling them as part of a brunch or you can get them to take out. Pizzahacker’s Yo Vinny is my favorite SF Bay Area pizza and as a NY native I am always on the lookout for a decent bagel. I’m a fan of Beauty Bagels but not too much else in these parts.
We arrived at 10:25 and there was already a line 15 deep waiting for them to open [This week’s San Francisco Magazine article was the likely cause of this]. I wanted to grab an assortment to take out, but because of their limited production and crowd [the line was pretty long when I left] they were limiting us to 4 bagels, $2 a pop. We got 2 everything, one smoked salt and one zaatar spice blend. As you can see they roll the topping on heavy - although I didn’t pick up any salt flavor from the smoked salt one. They were all very good, nice chew, slight crunch and slightly sourdough flavor, sort of similar to their pizza dough. Like their pizzas, the bagels are their own style, not NY or Montreal really. The bagels were fresh and didn’t need toasting, but they were not hot out of the oven, so I’m guessing they were baked a few hours earlier and they weren’t making any more that day. I liked them a lot, but can’t see myself going through that wait to get them again. Hopefully they’ll figure out a way to ramp up production and keep the quality up. Bagels


Nice tang and blistering. Available by pre-order or walk-up till they sell out. Citrus zest adds a fresh dimension to the smoked trout salad.


Now they say bagels are on hiatus. I have never been able to get a bagel from them!!!

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