Bagel gate

Yeah, nay, crazy media


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97.1 The Ticket, here in metro Detroit devoted about 20 minutes of air time to this yesterday morning. Prevailing sentiment here in the upper Midwest: Just wrong.

I’ll come down on that side of the discussion.

Ridiculous for a good quality bagel, But Kind of like dipping Papa John’s pizza in ranch sauce, if you’re starting off with terrible product in the first place, Vertical slicing probably makes sense.

Vertical would be the more equitable style for bagel chips.

Every news outlet in NYC covered this story, with glee, of course. This is from St Louis Eater, though, and is probably the funniest.

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That’s a good one!!

Obviously this is wrong in so many ways.

Grub street made one of their poor reporters go ask for this at nyc bagel shops- pretty funny results. (Spoiler: apparently actually fresh bagels don’t slice like this very well)


Oh its ridiculous alright but food fun even crazy ideas bring in customers and sound bites. Crazy like a fox biz!

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