Bad Albert's - Ballard - Seattle

Sometime in the last year we wandered in here looking for nighttime football. We now make a point of coming every time we’re in Seattle. This morning was a very late breakfast for us. We shared (always) the “Triple Play” which is two eggs with your choice of bacon, ham or andouille . We chose the bacon as we’ve had the andouille before. AND…MOST IMPORTANTLY…the tater tots with insanely good country gravy with bacon in it. (NB: no, this isn’t healthy - hahahaha!!!) You gotta have the tots with the gravy (on the side please). As I told one of the cooks, you can dip every part of your meal in the gravy…including your finger :smile: They’re open from breakfast til 230AM!!! And have a dozen tvs. It’s such a fun locals place and the food is SO good. Yes, we’ve had fish there also…with tater tots!!! Go there!

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Glad you found BA. Albert was the original over, Steve’s, cat. You should try their prime rib on Fridays.

Steve used to offer biscuits and crab gravy, and finally agreed to share the recipe. There was talk of putting it back on the menu…

The first time there we’d headed to Ethan Stowell’s Ballard Pizza Co. for football but only their Fremont location had/has tv’s. So we stumbled into BA. We love it especially when the woman part of the owner team is there.

I don’t like warm crab so would pass on that.

If you like BBQ, you might consider Drunky’s Two Shoe in Frellard. They do a chop-chop salad with Q I really like. It’s decor alone is worth the trip. And cheaper than most good Q in Seattle.

That sounds amazing!!! PM me if you’d like to try to meet for lunch. Any day but Tuesday.

@kaleokahu you officially my favorite HO!!! We just had lunch there and honestly, high end to low, this was probably one of the top ten meals of my life…all over the planet!!! I’ll give it a writeup later but thank you SO much. Outstanding food.

Great, Cath, glad you liked Drunky’s.

I don’t ordinarily tolerate kitschy decor well, but somehow this twist on deranged Texas make-do works with me. And the Q is good, isn’t it? It takes balls to hang an exterior sign that reads: We reserve the right to serve refuse to anyone." The grommeted American flags used as patriotic sunshades are cool, too.


I love Bad Albert’s! That’s my frequent spot for Pub Trivia… and everything on their menu has been stellar, especially the homemade soups.

And don’t get me started on those tater tots!!!

I was actually just there last Saturday night… was in the mood for a salad but I just had to get a side order of those damn tots!

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