Bacon Wrapped Donut Slider........

I saw this on Facebook but couldn’t copy the link, I googled it brought me to this Pinterest link, but I don’t belong to Pinterest so I can’t view or access this.

The title pretty much says it all, I’m pretty sure items/gluttony like this is why much of the world hates us. (Not you Harters!!)

There’s a FB video showing a bacon-wrapped burger patty with a deep depression that is filled with cheese before grilling, then topped with onion rings that are wrapped with bacon. Clever concept, but just too overboard to be appealing. I love bacon, but not on burgers. I think the flavor is too close to that of seared beef to be justly appreciated. IMO, it’s better on scallops, chicken, turkey, or on its own in a BLT.

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The bacon wrapped onion ring puts it over the top, but do I like the idea of a bacony meat bowl filled with jalapeno cheese.