Bacon and Waffles…

Not a lot in the fridge tonight (need to go shopping tomorrow), but I had bacon, an egg, frozen waffles, butter, and maple syrup.

Browned chopped bacon and set on paper towels, toasted two waffles, buttered, and topped both with a sprinkling of the bacon and a drizzle of warmed maple syrup, and sandwiched a beautiful fried egg between them.



Funny how salty meats and maple syrup just dance together. I’ll add this. Muenster cheese warmed 6-8 seconds in the microwave, dipped into maple syrup. Never would have considered this until I moved to where I live now. Seems like everyone eats it.

I like your little “left in the fridge” recipe. Be a good thread. Love making magic out of leftovers.

Did we have a pancake v. waffle thread on CH? Can’t remember.

Personally, I’m a pancake man; but I’d eat that creation of yours, and with gusto.

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Hmmm… I think the closest thing I’ve had to cheese with maple syrup is a Monte Cristo (which I love).

Ever thought about Panko’ing that cheese and a deep fry? Or maybe even a French toast “grilled cheese”.

I have done the french toast grilled cheese; but I love your first suggestion. Egg, panko, cheese, freeze, deep fry. Doesn’t sound half bad. I always buy end cheese at the factory ($2.50/lb), and it’s often different
cheeses. This week medium cheddar, next week muenster, then gouda, etc. Love it when they have Juusto cheap. That’s an interesting cheese.

in the fried cheese department, can’t beat the fried curds at Lambeau. Might as well have a cheese brat too.

I do know I love both bacon and waffles…

I try to avoid the golden arches, but the McGriddle might work for you (there’s “syrup chips” or something like that inside the griddle cake buns). I tend to hold out for actual maple syrup, but sometimes you’re in a pinch…

Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddles® Breakfast Sandwich | McDonald’s (

Beautiful photo.

yes, the photos from mcdonalds ads look just like the food in real life too!


They make cheese brats. I’m kind of a brat purist, so I don’t fall.

I guess I see cheese curds everywhere I go, do to my location.

Do most of you see curds in the store/gas station? I never see them in AZ, where my mom lives. They have to be pretty fresh to squeak their best.