B2 Cafe Malden, MA

B2 opened during the pandemic. It offers Chinatown bakery items that most closely resemble the now closed Eldo Cakehouse.

I have not as yet tried the “sweet” offerings. They do look good. I am intrigued by their savory offerings, perfect for lunch. They also have a meat corner selling roast duck, chicken and pork. You can by whole, half or a rice plate. I went for the duck rice plate. Generous serving of steamed rice, sweet and delicious steamed cabbage with the chopped duck on top. The price = $11. The sheet with prices offers 1 choice for $11, two choices for $12 and three for I think $13. The choices are the meats.

The shop is immaculate, the staff very nice. Just point to what you want.

A few savory items : Steamed pork bun, baked chicken pie, baked roast pork pie and fried glutinous rice ball with pork.

B2 is at 147 Pleasant Street, open 7 am to 7 pm, everyday. No website.


Looks and sounds delicious! Thanks for the intel!

Ham Sui Gok looks very nice.

Yes, tasty and larger than those from dim sum cart I’ve had by about 1/3. (Ham Sui Gok is the fried glutinous rice ball with pork).