Ay Chung flour rice noodles, Taipei [Taiwan]

This was very near where I was staying and had read a lot about it, so gave it a go for breakfast one morning. They were doing a roaring trade and it was standing room only. Super quick to get the food. Again not my favourite thickness of rice noodle but the broth had a good flavour and a nice sourness to it. The pig intestines were really soft but I couldn’t find any oyster in it which I assumed from my research would be in there. The basil really freshened everything and gave it a bit of zip.



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How was the texture of the noodle? What’s the sour taste in the broth? I thought they were bonito flake soup?

The noodles were too soft for me , almost mushy. The sourness wasn’t citrus so I think it was from black vinegar. I’m not aware of it beeing a bonito soup place.

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