[AXIOS] Latin and Tex-Mex overtake Italian as America's go-to food order


Interesting :sunglasses::thinking:


But not surprising. I can’t remember the last time I went out for Italian food other than pizza or a sandwich. There used to be a good northern Italian place up here (and I went often), but always opted for their wonderful calamari steak in lemon butter than any of their Italian dishes.

And while I make my own pasta from scratch, it’s been a while. Considering the time it takes for everything, it just doesn’t match the freshness, variety, and explosive flavors of Mexican.


I’ve been a tastemaker :rofl:

I’ve been choosing Mexican over Italian when I’ve had a choice for 36 years, at least!

My visits to California in my 30s and 40s were spent mostly visiting family, and trying to persuade them to go out for Mexican while we visited, instead of Italian or Contemporary Californian. By the time of my last visit in Sept 2018, I resigned to the fact it was easier to let them choose the restaurant they wanted us all to eat at, then squeeze in all my Mexican meals into time slots when I wasn’t dining with them. (And maybe complain about the restaurants they chose on CH or HO) :rofl: