Avocado questions

My potted avocado that I grew from a pit (probably Hass, but I’m not sure) has started to bloom. I’ve never seen one do that from a seed, and have no idea what to expect. Are they self fertile? I seriously doubt if there are any other blooming avocados in the neighborhood.
It’s said that summers are too hot and winters are too cold to grow avocadoes here, but it sure would be great if I could manage to get a crop- or even one avocado- from it.
Any information as to what to do to help it along would be wonderful.


I bet @bogman knows! No pressure :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I was truly hoping to get his input, although Scott gave me that Spruce link that was somewhat helpful.

From seed? Lucky one! You better play the lottery!

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A friend says about the lottery- “You can’t lose if you don’t play”. :money_mouth_face:

Fortunately, avocados are self fertile. If there are pollinators to move pollen around, that helps, since the pollen doesn’t usually automatically touch the style/female receptacle. You can also “play bee” and use a small watercolor type paintbrush to gather pollen and brush it on the central receptacle.

Many avocados ripen better off of the tree, once they are mature size for a few weeks. The fruits keep well on the tree, so there’s no rush to pick.

Best of luck with getting good fruit quality! You never know from seeds, but at least you’re starting with good genetics. Your odds are likely much better than the lottery!


I’m curious if you had an update on your avocado farming! Any luck with getting fruit?


Sadly, no. We had a hideously hot summer, and despite being in open shade on the patio the blooms dried up. I thought I saw a swollen base on a couple of the flowers, but they didn’t stick, and also I could be mistaken about that. Hopefully next year it’ll bloom again.