Avenue East, Cranford [NJ]

I know I’ve mentioned this restaurant elsewhere, but since there isn’t a thread and we can always use a little more northern NJ info in the mix… :grin:

I first discovered this place 5+ years ago when friends who live in Cranford suggested we go. It’s BYO, consistently good food, and they’re definitely offering dishes you don’t see everywhere else, with a legit bent towards Malaysian, although they’re full-on Asian fusion, including sushi.

Last night I was at A/E with a big group, only two of whom had been there before. The entire table tried my favorite thing–the Asam soup. This is unlike any Asian soup I’ve ever had, including in Thai restaurants. It’s sweet and sour and looks like nothing and has a TON of flavor. In the past, when I’ve stayed over with my Cranford pals, I’ve gotten an extra to have for lunch the next day; it’s that good. Very simple coconut-based broth with a few pieces of chicken, mushrooms, and red onion floating in it, but wow it’s a complex bowl of soup! In addition to that, we shared the always delicious Chicken Lettuce Wraps and the Crispy Squid, which was delicious and perfectly fried, but WAY too salty.

For dinner, I had the Spicy Basil Beef and others loved the Thai Pineapple Fried Rice, the Curry Udon (another one of my favorites), and a few Malaysian noodle dishes.

Just wanted to give A/E some love… if you’re in Cranford, give it a try!