Authentic Asian Options - Monmouth/Middlesex ?

You didn’t address the question to me, but I asked about the place in Edison. Think of Koreans going to a Chinese restaurant in Korea, so Chinese food for Koreans ? A Korean interpretation of Chinese food ? Been to one in Flushing - it was horrible. There is an Indian Restaurant on Rt 1 North of Princeton and one in Edison that is Chinese food for Indians, same principle.
I only liked one dish there. I don’t like Paneer (sp ?) and the food was full of it.
I certainly need to check out Chendu 1 when I return from California vacation.

As long as there is parking anything beats going into NYC or Philly.

Jon, joon is the man when it comes to asian food. Take his advice. SC works for me but I’ve only been a few times. I think the food quality/size:price ratio works for me. The xiao long bao are tasty and the dumplings in hot oil are good. I had some shredded beef dishes off the back page that I liked too.

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Funny, I’ve heard about Indian Chinese, just never Korean Chinese! That’s what I love about the food boards…learn all kinds of stuff. :slight_smile:

We may need to plan a C1P HODown – let us know when you’re back!

I get that. I suspect I am much older than him as well. Remember, Vanilla ice cream is not for everyone, as such I respect opinions and there should be vice-versa. I will try SC again. Soup dumplings are great in general I kind of like Shanghai Buns ones and the ones from Joe’s Shangai in chinatown. I have tried multiple times to make them from the freezer section of the Asian Grocery store, but they always opened up. Now, w/o googling the answer, do you know how they get the soup into them ?

My partner at work is married to a lovely Korean lady. Since he got married, both of us have learned a lot about Korean food, obviously he more than I. I just made a batch of cucumber kim chi for my son - hope he leaves some for me …

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They freeze the soup, wrap the frozen ‘cube,’ and steam them!

ETA I’m quite good at getting the soup OUT of them… :yum:

junkliss, I’m not familiar with the Brooklyn Pickle Guys or the Elegante bakery. The Pickle Guys I’ve patronized is on Essex St., in Manhattan. In fact, it’s a stop on my famous “Self-Guided Lower East Side Gustatory Tour,” which I created many years ago on Chowhound. (I never link to CH, but if interested, you can find my tour via Google.)

As far as Brooklyn bakeries go, when my parents were living in the Mill Basin area and I’d visit (they are long dead), I’d stop into a bakery on Avenue J near their house – the name of which I don’t remember – to buy their excellent version of my favorite cookie, the tri-color marzipan.

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I’ll toss in another vote for Empire Szechuan. Also someone in another thread spoke highly of Asian Fusion just around the corner from Empire. I haven’t tried that one.

Its the same Pickle guys (Coney Island near ave J). The one on Essex is across the street from the best Bialys (Kossars). I like their picked pineapple.
The Elegante bakery is an Italian bakery - and they fill the canola’s when you make the purchase. I don’t remember a bakery on J, but so many years ago there was Dubins on Church ave - and of course the Ebingers factory on Snyder and all their shops.
It is interesting you mention the lower east side, I ate at Russ and Daughters new restaurant last year with my wife - over priced - then I realized their fish is supplied by Acme. Since then I’ve been to the Acme factory in Williamsburg and purchased the same fish at a discount …

i trust you did not just google that - and yes, that is the right answer. I believe the process is described on Joe’s Shanghai website (or at least it use to be). So you are not a novice ! and neither am I.

You do know you can buy them frozen at the Asian Grocery store (for example the one on 79 in Marlboro) - I’ve never had success in steaming them though …

We tried “The Oriental” which I believe it what you are referring to. Use to be a Vietnamese restaurant. I thought it was feh. What did you order at Empire Szechuan that makes you like it ? I use to go there.

At first I didn’t know what you meant my trip-color marizipan - but then it hit me, you mean rainbow cookies. I have a special order from my son who lives in CA. He requested we hand carry some from NJ for our visit next month as he apparently can’t get them there. His in laws never heard of it.

Yes - the Oriental. Like I said, I’ve not been there. Everything we’ve had from Empire has been good. We live close so it’s usually delivery. The delivery guy is very fond of our dog. Anyway - the Friday night tradition around here is a movie & Chinese food. We’ve been ordering from them for a couple years now. Every now & then we dine there. Service is always very good. Ah wait - their hot & sour soup is outstanding.

@CurlzNJ - As others have noted, Korean Chinese is the Korean equivalent of our American Chinese food. Chinese food seems to have the magical ability to absorb the cuisine of whatever country it gets made in. For example there are also a bunch of Indian Chinese places in Edison, and it’s pretty much exactly how you would imagine it might be. Imagine General Tso’s chicken with Indian spices. Also, Ramen is actually Japanese Chinese food!

And I would love to check out Chengdu 1 Palace! So many places to eat, so little time.

@corvette_johnny Thanks for the kind words! It sounds like junkliss has certainly eaten his share and seems to have a much more discerning palate than I do. :slight_smile: I actually consider @ycf04 to be the Chinese expert here. Seems like he has eaten freaking everywhere.

@junkliss You’ve been married almost as long as I’ve been alive so I respectfully defer to your life experience :slight_smile: You obviously have eaten at a ton of places and know what you like, I only wish you could find more places to enjoy! Soup dumplings at Cottage are no match for Shanghai Bun, for sure. It’s just not their jam. If you like Shanghai Bun, there are a few places you might want to check out in Edison:

I haven’t been here yet, but I popped in to grab a menu and it seems to be incredibly popular. It’s like half Sichuan half Shanghai:小食代-edison-2

It also sounds like the dishes you enjoyed at Edison Noodle House were Korean rather than K-Chinese. Not sure what squid dishes you mean (was it in a spicy sauce on a hot pan?) but I can’t really think of any K-Chinese squid dishes. The pancake is straight Korean. You might want to give Chung Sol Bat ( a whirl, I think they might have what you’re looking for. Also, I haven’t been but Jina’s ( is well reviewed.

Shanghai dumpling house is great - my son and I got the last table before the crowds came. First time he had jelly fish - not my first. I think the other noodle house you site is just east of coco - I only read rough reviews - ok peace joonjoon and if you are ever in Naples I can show you a good …
I will check out your other suggestions

And yes I’ve been around before the internet, before electronic calculators even, think slide rules, no think abacus.

Been to Jina - didn’t like it - liked previous owners better - :frowning:
I also liked picnic garden in flushing better then the one by hmart on 27
But as with Chinese buffets I now pass, except when the place on rt36 in eatontown has crabs
Which as you know is right across the street from pho99 :slight_smile:

Is pho99 open yet? On the 19th I drove to see my lawyer and it was still not open. It’s been years now :smirk:

Any good Peking duck dishes in NJ?

Peking Pavilion on Rt 33 in Freehold, by the mall, use to make a good duck. It’s been years since I’ve been there but it use to be good.

Oh, right! Rainbow cookies! I now get them at Livoti’s Italian Market in Marlboro conveniently located 5 minutes from our house.

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