Austin BonChon

BonChon Chicken is set to open soon in the Hester’s Crossing area. Very exciting! I miss them from when I lived in the DC area.

I wish Honey Pig would also come to ATX!

I’ve been to one in Houston and liked it, But one opened earlier and closed within 6 months as I recall. Let us know how you like the Austin version!

I hope the Austin location has delicious crispy K-chicken and that it does well. You’d think they’d open closer to HMart as an anchor store or something. It looks like a bing soo dessert shop or bubble tea or something similar is going to open next to Bon Chon.

Bon Chon came to Dubai many years ago when I was living there and I tried it and was completely unimpressed. It wasn’t until I had k-fried chicken at a family owned restaurant in Austin (erstwhile called Rochin’ Rice next to the Korean market near Lamar and Airport) that I came to love it.

The Bon Chons in Northern Virginia were all very popular.

I guess we’ll see what we get here. I believe it’s a franchise so the menus can differ from place to place. The Bon Chon near my house in VA had tteok bokki spaghetti covered in cheese (I love tteok bokki but didn’t care for this version) and other locations didn’t have that but had takoyaki on the menu.

I’d heard very mixed assessments of BonChon before it arrived here. I’ve tried it at the Sugar Land location and really liked it. That and Dak and Bop in the Museum district are my favorites. I hate to leave out Hoodadak in Katy but it’s a long way out there and I’ve only been once.

Lim’s was good (in Chinatown) and now we have Von’s, from California - haven’t tried that one yet.

I’ve had only the fried chicken at these places.

I haven’t been to Austin in10 years so I’m very far behind on the food scene there.

I like the chicken place inside the Austin H-Mart food court more than Bonchon, go try that out too! Have heard a lot of good things about Jang’s Chimac as well.

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I like the one available in HMart, too.

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There’s a Bon Chon across the street from my old office, my coworkers were big fans of the lunch specials which started at $10 (which is reasonable in nyc for a decent lunch) and come with a side dish. Obviously not much vegetarian on the menu but i got the sesame ginger salad with tofu a few times- my coworker would get it regularly with fried chicken ontop. Really tasty, but ask for salad dressing on the side, they would dump a ton on there.

Seems that the Round Rock Bonchon is getting mostly scathing reviews, which is a shame.

Still liking the fried chicken at Donkey Mo’s at Hmart. Heard that College Roadhouse is another good pick and there’s a Korean truck by Zilker Brewing in the east side with fried chicken on the menu.

I saw that, too. It’s put me off from going out of my way to try it.