August 2022 Cookbook of the Month - Voting

Welcome to the voting thread for the August COTM. Our nominations were a little sparse, and there were no overwhelming favorites. Our three contenders had three nominations each. One is our current COTM, which would be extended another month (using the same reporting thread). Here are our nominees for August (with a publisher’s link and a link to the EYB index).

BLACK FOOD, edited by Bryant Terry


FLAVORS OF THE SUN, by Christine Sahadi Whelan

To vote, click on the knife-and-fork icon at the lower right of the comment below corresponding to the book you wish to select. You may vote only once. To change your vote, click the icon again to unlike the comment and then choose your new selection. If you cannot do this, then add a comment noting your change. Please do not reply to the ballot comments. To discuss the books, please reply to the original post.

There is still plenty of time to participate in our current COTM, Flavors of the Sun (also a current nominee, so check out the reports so far).

Voting will close on July 23 at 11am EDT.

To vote for BLACK FOOD, click the knife-and-fork icon at lower right.

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To vote for I DREAM OF DINNER, click the knife-and-fork icon at lower right.


To vote to extend FLAVORS OF THE SUN, click the knife-and-fork icon at lower right.


Two more days to vote!

@LulusMom Have you made anything from I Dream of Dinner? Looking at EYB it has some interesting sounding recipes but I really DO NOT need another book when I have so many unread/unused. Same goes for Flavors of the Sun. Fortunately my library has it. My sorry willpower is sorely tested.

I know I am totally MIA, but I am in the middle of moving and it’s been a whole thing! And it’s not looking good for me to participate for a few weeks. So, I will eagerly watch as y’all report. Wishing I were participating as well!


I’m voting to extend because I also haven’t been able to cook at home since I made the one cocktail from Flavors of the Sun. I can cook from it in August more if it wins.

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I haven’t even seen the book, but the things I’ve read about it and some of the recipes sound good. I have a hold on it at my library. Like you, my willpower is always always tested!

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Voting is now closed. We will extend the current COTM, FLAVORS OF THE SUN, for another month. I won’t do another announcement thread for this. Please join us on the ongoing cooking thread.


Hi @MelMM, I will change the title to July August.


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Nominations for September: