August 2019 Openings and Closings [Boston and New England]

Tell us what you know!

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One item here: Moody’s fried chicken place.

Not sure if they are open yet, but the former Yuki spot in Union Square is now Yoi ("Sushi and Chinese Cuisine) - next to the post office.

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I’m not sure this happened in August, but Kashish in Belmont Center is closed, and the signs say a place called Jamaican Jeff’s will open there.


I saw that last week and forgot to report back. Honestly I don’t know how Kashish lasted for as long as it did. And Patou. And Shine. And…

All of the non-Western food in Belmont center is watered down to the point of being unrecognizable. Not sure how a Jamaican place is going to go over with the local folks. I worked down the street for a spell and was very sad, food-wise.

Edited to specify: Belmont Center


There’s a sign up next to Macy’s Liquors on Lexington St. in Waltham saying “Coming Soon: Bonfire Indian Grill.” I can’t find any info online. That sure would be handy for us, though.

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“Fat Cat” in Quincy on Chestnut St. has closed prior to its opening on Hancock St. in mid-August as reported in the Patriot Ledger. New location (formally, the original Alba location), will be three times as large with an enhanced menu. Love their fries!
Hoping To Enjoy As Always,

Spice Box, an Indian pizza and curry restaurant, opened last week at 321 Marrett Road, Lexington. (That location used to have a pizza-and-subs place).

I went there and had tasty Gobi Pakoras (cauliflower fritters) and Baingan Bhartha (spicy eggplant puree). They have a website at with their menu.


While I don’t see a hard date, TKK & Kung -Fu Tea should be opening soon in Wollaston in Quincy. I saw them loading a lot of food supplies and goods into their storefront last weekend, and no more construction appears. TKK is a yet another Taiwanese fried chicken chain. They have US outposts in NYC, Philadelphia and Dallas/Richardson so far.

Big Y grocery store is supposed to close/move out on August 28th. I hope that storefront is not empty for long and lands another grocery store. I hate the thought of having only Stop & Shop for the Wollaston/N Quincy area – granted there are lots of smaller, ethnic shopping options in those neighborhoods. Otherwise, most folks will have to drive to Star Market in Quincy Center.

They’ve also been working on the Ming’s Seafood restaurant next door to Big Y, and the sign for the business finally went up as you enter the plaza. Not positive they’ll make August, but it should be close! It’s going to be a pretty big restaurant, and I hear they will offer dim sum too like their newer Malden outpost.


Sadly, the sign was gone when I went to Macy’s yesterday. The place is pretty empty inside but there is no indication as to what might go there.

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TKK & Kungfu Tea did open last Friday. As expected it was a zoo. The wait for fried chicken was minimum an hour, and if you wanted anything extra crispy and spicy, it was a 2 he wait. :confused:

I tried a small order and the regular chicken and it was good. Perhaps a tad on the salty side, but had a good crunch. It’s really reminds me of a KFC, but with better sides. Didn’t really have the addictive crunch or flavor of Korean fried chicken though. Will have to try the spicy when it calms down.

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