Augie's Montreal Smoked Meat comes to my local grocery in Los Gatos

Would you pay $12 for this sandwich made with hand-cut Augie’s Montreal Smoked Meat? I did and am very happy. Also available by the pound, both hot and cold.


Are the meat made by the Augie’s in Berkeley?

Yes, the owner was there doing the samples. Seems like a good guy. Hope to get to his store in Berkeley.

Do you happen to know if its available at just this Lunardi’s or also at other Lunardi’s?

I did not ask…

Whoa, it’s all over the place (mental note to stop at Mollie Stones in SF ASAP)

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The cafe at Berkeley Bowl West also has the Augie’s meat sandwiches, same price.

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Re Augie’s Montreal Smoke Meat availability, this is good news. My suggestion is to get the meat thick sliced from any of these markets. While there, pick up a loaf of Acme rye bread and use yellow mustard for a pure experience. (Note, I usually take the loaf of bread to the market’s bakery counter and ask them to slice it. The bread comes home and whatever is unused that day goes into the freezer. Toast on demand for good rye whenever you next need a fix.)


D’oh—- despite what Augies website says, it’s not at the Castro location of Mollie Stone’s. Guy behind the counter had no idea what I was talking about.

Mollie Stone’s/Tower Market on Portola Ave. SF has a slab. Not sure what they’d charge for a sandwich of it.


Augies was recommended to us and we tried it about a year ago. We went to the location in Berkeley near Berkeley Bowl. For us it went into the “just ok” category and we thought it was over-rated and expensive. Perhaps we hit it on an off afternoon?

I’ve only been once and had a similar take - but it did scratch the pastrami itch and it’s a pretty low bar to get decent pastrami in the SF Bay Area so I would give it another go.

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I went there last year. It was OK. Not enough to return.
ps Portion control also was uneven. One of us had a sandwich that was a nice serving. The other sandwich was paltry. Really not well considered. And it was a very quiet time, so can’t excuse 'em for being rushed.