[Aughton Lancashire] Moor Hall

Morning mate.

Do I recall you stayed over when you went to Moor Hall? What was the hotel side of things like? Reason for asking is it was only the other day, Mrs H suggested doing that.

As for pricing, Mana’s is an outlier I think. Or maybe setting his stall out for the second star. By comparison, here’s the tasting menu pricing at 1* places we’ve been to in recent weeks or are going to shortly:

Fraiche - 115
Black Swan, Oldstead - 125
Star, Harome - 95
Peels, Solihull - 11-
Angel, Hetton - 75
Elephant, Torquay - 85

Typo - should be 110

Evening John,
I was going to say, must be along waiting list there :slight_smile:

I would say the hotel at Moor Hall was a bit blingy for my taste ( big gold bedroom lamps as I recall ) but tastefully done bling - lovely bathroom and big bed as I recall. Probably worth it rather than the round trip schlep - bit less attractive for us as only twenty minutes in the car. Brekky was nice, too .Go on, you know you want to !

Not been to any of the places on your hit list…which one should I look at first ?!

You have to try Fraiche first. It’s on yer flippin’ doorstep for goodness sake.

Yeah but there is never any flippin availability !

You have to set your stall out for this. Tables for three months hence are released on the 1st of a month at 10am. In advance, you need to know which dates you can’t manage. Get yourself logged on the website just before 10 and have your credit card handy. At the “witching hour”, the days will be displayed. Some slots will have gone in the first micro seconds. Do not, absolutely not, take time to discuss this with the partner - all of the slots will have gone by 10.10. Just hit a free day. You’ve sort of secured your slot - you now have some minutes to fill in personal details and pay the deposit (£25 a head?).

Also, worth emailing Marc and asking about the “standby list” for cancellations.

Simples! No, it flipping ain’t.

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