Auburn recs?

Going to visit friends north of Tahoe, and the most logical stop for a lunch break is Auburn. We went to a BBQ place there once years ago–anyone have any recs for places with outdoor dining areas? (We’re not ready for indoor dining just yet.)

Ikeda’s is legendary in Auburn. Their main focus is old-fashioned burgers and fries, but they have other options including salmon sandwich and poke bowl. The shakes are so dense with ice cream I usually have to let it melt a bit before I can suck it through the straw. If you decide that’s not your thing and eat elsewhere you should still consider picking up a pie there to take with you–they are excellent! There are also lots of other interesting items to buy (dried fruit, jams, etc.).


I believe I’ve been to the one in Davis and they had nice pies.

+1 on Ikeda.

The shakes are good, as are the pies. Get the apple pie, skip the banana cream and key lime pie.

The take home chicken pot pie is also very good.

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We’ll have to keep this in mind the next time we’re around there. When we were driving back on Sunday, we ended up having lunch in Sacramento, at the Fieldworks Brewery taproom. (Going up, we had a quick fast food burger in Elk Grove.)