Attn Sarma Fans-Honey Road Restaurant Burlington VT

We are bringing our youngest back to school this weekend in Burlington.
Its usually up and back in a day. But my husband found this restaurant, Honey Road
that is owned by a Sarma alum. So we are heading up Saturday and have a
reservation that night.

Sarma is one of our all time favorites and this menu looks very good.

Has anyone on the board been? Looking for recommendations, comments, etc.

Will report back when we get home again Sunday.


That menu does look good. Clearly Sarma-inspired but not Sarma-copied. Several things on that menu I would love to try! Looking forward to your report.

have never been, but I agree with smtucker–looks promising!

Coincidentally, Karen Akunowicz, chef at Myers and Chang, just posted a picture of some gorgeous mezze from Honey Road on her Instagram account. Looking forward to your report!

Honey Road was great! We really enjoyed our meal.
My husband, myself and out 20 year old stopped in last night for dinner.

It is a a very welcoming warm space, the bar would be our first choice but we did have a table reserved. Its not a huge place but a good size. And the was a covered area outside to as well.
Church Street in Burlington is very lively. It would be a good spot for a cocktail and nosh to watch the world go by.

DH had a cocktail, I had wine and son had soda. Nice cocktail and wine service.
We ordered Baba Ganoush with cauliflower, home made pita bread and lamb crackers. The dip was really good, the pita so good I am not researching home made pita recipes but the lamb crackers were the best.
They were described as really really thin rolled out dough spread with “essence of lamb”, doubled over and baked. Very crunchy baked lamb bite. But there is nothing in the middle. Just a great lamb flavored cracker.

We also ordered the harissa wings, grilled octopus, moussaka, grape leaves, pide, and the eggplant fatteh.
Too much for the 3 of us, but we wanted to try it all. And it was good. The wings were really messy but a good sweet/hot balance. Octopus was grilled perfectly. The mousakka was kind of falling apart but it tasted good.

The pide was the best. A boat shaped piece of dough with spiced ground lamb, egg and a soft cheese that is baked, then covered in herbs and tomatoes. You mix this all up and eat it. Its a traditional Turkish breakfast item. It was delicious!

I think the best part of some of the items we ordered were the sauces, salads and accompaniments. The salad the octopus came with, the labne with the wings and the dolmas . Thoughtful additions that elevated the meal.

We passed on dessert. Our Ben and Jerry’s stop early was plenty of sweets for the day.

Service was a little lax but we weren’t in any rush and they were pretty busy.
I would highly recommend Honey Road to anyone in the area.


Great report. Church St. in Burlington is one of our favorite places, and it sounds like Honey Road is a great addition. We’ll definitely give it a try on our next trip up there.

What a great report! It has been years since I was in Burlington and this makes me want to return.

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