Atlas Market, Malden MA

Neglected to write up a review for this little neighborhood Middle Eastern market at 223 Highland Ave. in Malden from a couple weeks back, but it bears a mention. Located a block or so from Monkey King Tea (the puffle cone/takoyaki joint) this is a little market with assorted Arabic foods–tahini, pita, rosewater, halal meats, feta etc. It’s small, so the selection is limited but solid if this is in close range for you.

They also have sandwiches + some other takeout/cooked food. I was there at lunch and wanted sandwiches, so the choice was mainly falafel or shwarma. Went for the falafel, which was quite good–crunchy and loaded with fresh herbs, basil and mint abounding. The s.o. said hers was maybe a bit greasy, though mine seemed fine. It might be that hers went into the fryer before it was fully hot, and at least it was all cooked to order.

The owner also came out and chatted with us while we were waiting, he’s from Jordan originally and said they make everything in house. Offered us free homemade grape leaves that were quite good as a bonus. Said he is also going to be serving some more elaborate lamb/rice dishes and the like on Fridays, so I will probably go back sometime and scope that out at a later date. A welcoming atmosphere and solid fare.