Atelier Crenn Alums Opening Asian American Bakery in the Inner Richmond [San Francisco]

This seems poised to become a landmark in Asian-American culinary history.

Tracking this thread, HOers please report back!

Woot! Has kaya toast ever been available for breakfast in the Bay Area? It’s currently uncommon, only available for lunch or snacks,

What is Asian American food?

I’m trying to think but there never seems to be much from the Singapore side of things. There are a few places that do Hainan chicken but it never really was focused on that, and definitely not breakfast.

I still really haven’t figured out what American food really is either (regions of the US yes) but nothing truly come to mind cept Wonder Bread. :confused:

Well, I suppose it’s just shorthand for east-west fusion. It’s certainly been done a lot before with baked goods (think HK-style), but perhaps not at the elevated level that Hsu, Wong and Campecino are attempting, nor in as refined a baking milieu as San Francisco’s, so America might as well as get credit for it.

I love Breadbelly’s Instagram tag for their efforts: “Pacific Coasting and Kaya Toasting.”"

I finally clicked through after seeing the headline in a lot of tweets. To my interests there will be savory items, like ham and cheese ensaymada, Mongolian beef buns, and charsiu sandwiches.
There was kaya toast for a bit at the unfortunately departed Drip Line in Oakland. Everything there was excellent, and I am hoping chef Nora Haron-Dunning pops back up with similar food, as claimed in this article and that the place is open at times more convenient to me than the previous daytime cafe.