At the risk of possibly losing all credibility... Freehold, NJ

OK, so we all know that BBQ is rare in these parts. Good BBQ, even rarer.

So, where is the last place you’d expect to find good BBQ?

Would you believe… Golden Corral? (Go ahead, laugh. But try it first).

We went about 1 1/2 months ago… and they have these new “Smokehouse” featured meats. I didn’t expect much. Yet, I was blown away. Very smokey. Great flavor. Well seasoned. Not overly salty. The real deal. And you can’t beat the price!

There are ribs (cut to order, and no, the meat is NOT falling off the bone), brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken. They put actual smokers in all of their restaurants.

Went again today. I had a big ol’ piece of fatty brisket. Oh, man. Heaven. They also have various sauces, cornbread, collards, etc.

Go on, give it a try. You know you’re curious, @corvette_johnny @NotJrvedivici

Trust me on this one.

Very interesting…I’ll be honest I went when the place first opened up and I was very disappointed. I have family in rural Virginia and Gold Coral a few towns over is one of the more desirable dining options so I’ve been several times over the years, I found Freehold to be much worse than their southern cousin. I’m a big fan of Local Smoke BBQ in Red Bank, not sure if the draw of this BBQ is enough to get me back to Golden Coral.

Thanks for the heads up!!


I’ve never been to a GC but I would be game to try the bbq. I’m glad you had a decent meal. If you can remember, what kind of sauces did they have?

Did they have short ribs?

Also, any clue what kind of wood they use? I wonder if they just use the same wood for all the meats.

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