At Long Last, My Dream May Come True!


It’s possible I may no longer need to take both the mayonnaise AND the ketchup from the fridge, lug them to the counter, open both of them, and then dispense them INDIVIDUALLY onto my (veggie) burger, with a separate puddle for my fries, and then need to replace the lids, lug them back to the fridge, struggle to open the door as both hands are full… .

Heinz has felt my struggles, heard my whimpers, and responded, with:


We live in amazing times.

Or lazy times.


Still waiting for ketchard/mustup, so I don’t need to add ketchup and mustard separately to my "meat"ball sandwiches.

(erica) #3

When the boxed meal by mail delivery bubble collapses, hire a broke millennial to come to your house and mix condiments in a hand-thrown bowl with a hand-carved wooden spoon. :wink:


Actually, I have a premixed little plastic container with Ketchup/mayo, and then add either my hot sauce, mustard or Sriracha at time of use…Have done this for many years…I will try it if it comes on the market here.

(For the Horde!) #5

Man. I would have thought that we have combined ketchup and mayonnaise for a long time. We have already combined peanut butter and jelly. We have also combined mayonnaise with Sriracha sauce.


Don’t we already have this?


Looks like the Sir Kensington’s Special Sauce contains relish, so closer to the BigMac or a thousand island dressing, I think.

(For the Horde!) #8

After thinking a little bit more, I am starting to wonder… Heinz ketchup is fine. Sure, some people prefer other brand, but Heinz ketchup at least is not bad…but Heinz mayonnaise isn’t very famous, right? One may then say… well this matters less for a blend because the flavors are mixed up. True. I actually see that. However, even with all that… the ketchup to mayo ratio is fixed. It is definitely convenience, but it takes always that choice. I wonder if it will sell well.

I am a bigger fan of mayo than ketchup. So I think I would want a 2 to 1 ratio. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Ok. Would combing ketchup with mustard makes a bigger market share. You know. Burgers and hot dogs…etc.

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Do you find this a superior mix to Thousand Island or Russian dressing?


I thought the mix of mayo and ketchup was called “Rushin’ dressing” :slight_smile:


I know you all are far from flyover Country,
but this is formally named Utah Fry Sauce and is standard issue in Utah, even extending to adjoining states.IMG_0918

(For the Horde!) #13

Good to know. So I see that there are already similar products like this, except I guess this time is from a larger established company like the Heinz.

(Doo B. Wah) #14

“Cultural appropriation!”


Presented without comment: Slice of Sauce


Sort of like ketchup fruit leather, I suppose.
I’m not sure the world is clamoring for this.


I am certainly not. I agree that bottled ketchup has some problems, but I do not think this is the solution.


Russian or Thousand Island usually includes some sweet pickle relish.

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You say this like it’s a bad thing!?!?! I personally think the world would be a better place if more things contained pickle relish! I relish the thought of that!

(Junior) #20

I for one never plan on saying: “I"ll take a burger medium, with lettuce tomato and yeah a slice of ketchup please”