At home Fiesta Party, NJ

I thought I should post about the party we did since I asked a bunch of questions leading up to it. Feel free to delete if this isn’t ok to post here. We hosted about 40 people for a fiesta themed 1st birthday party for my daughter. Even though the weather wasn’t perfect, it worked out great. We rented a big tent, chairs and tables from Acme Party Rental.

We catered make your own tacos with all the sides (pork with pineapple and chicken), flautas, rice and beans and chips and salsa. I made a roasted corn salsa and guacamole because I was paranoid we wouldn’t have enough food. HA! We got the food from Tropico in Keyport and it was a huge success. People went crazy for it. Next time I will order way less, we gave away a ton.

I got a cake from Normandie Bakery in Hazlet which was also delicious and hired a server who worked her tail off via Servers for Hire. Highly recommend. The first party we have hosted I was able to actually spend time chatting with people and enjoying!

Oh and enormous batch of margaritas by just scaling up our regular ratio (2 oz tequila, 3/4 oz simple syrup, 3/4 oz lime juice).


congrats- looks like it was a great time…hopefully you didn’t have any margaritas left over!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Claire!!! Congrat’s on the party, no reason to apologize or think this post doesn’t belong here! Glad you pulled it all off and it was a hit!!

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Yeah right, the margaritas were the first thing to go! Such an easy drink and what a crowd pleaser!

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Thanks! It turned out really well and lots of fun! I wasn’t as brave as you to cater the party myself. That spread you put out looked incredible!!

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You may think he’s brave, but I think you were smart! As you pointed out, you were able to chat with your guests and enjoy yourself! I know from doing my own cooking and hosting of plenty of parties that that’s usually not the case, so yay you!

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All true. And hiring someone to help work the party was 10000000% worth it and affordable.

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You have obviously never met my family! Keeping busy and “working” is a joy for a family event, sit and chat with those animals…puuuhhhhlllllleeeeeaaaaaazzzzzzzzeeeeeeee NO !!