At home and going through magazines!

So I just got a bill for my annual subscription to Eat My Books (which I didn’t even realize I had). I spent yesterday adding all my issues of Saveur, Lucky Peach, Bon Appetit, Cooks Illustrated, Gourmet, etc, and noticed one of their covers of a 2009 Gourmet mag, was not the same as mine. I made a note of it in my “bookshelf”, they emailed me about it, and over the next 24 hours , exchanged emails with pictures of covers I had, that they didn’t. They said pictures of covers could be hard to come by.

It made me think about Who Killed Gourmet Magazine?
by Meathead in 2009, updated in 2019

Does any know where I can see all the Gourmet Covers?

Condensed Nast wall art

Only goes to 2007 though.

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My son uses them for comics

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Thank you all! I found m any on Ebay. Someone PLEASE stop me from buying some!