Astrological charts change globally: will I still eat the same way?

Apparently the uber star gazers out there changed the Astrological Calendar without prior notice. Suddenly I went from years of Gemini to Taurus. I don’t even fit the profile. Will this change my eating habits, too? How could this happen?

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Just move your birthday so you can keep the same sign. If you believe in astrology, you probably aren’t all that picky about science-y stuff like numbers.

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Because the planets move and certain revolutions might be part of a day , every now and then the dates of a sign move up a day or two . So for instance some one born in1892 on June 20 and someone born in 1992 might be in the next sign . Sort of like the Gregorian calendar which was changed to the Julian calendar a couple of hundred years ago. At any rate , eat what you like . While you might not believe in Astrology much of it is based on numbers. Whether the numbers do in fact affect anything , is what people have been debating for centuries. Thanks for bringing up a different question than usual. Maybe someone can write the Zodiac cookbook?

Here you go:

I’m a cusp baby. My sign changes depending on which astrological calendar or horoscope I’m looking at. LOL

Wow , it exists and from 1969 . This made me laugh for some reason , thanks for the tip!