Astoria Seafood?

sounds like a scene, you pick your fish at their market, tell them how you’d like it cooked, give the waiter your name, sit at a table and total chaos ensues as they attempt to match you to your order. Fish is supposed to be great and it’s byob.

anyone been?

I thought that it closed. Google maps has a different place at that address (Seekos).

eta: I went to Seekos’ website and it looks like its the “business site” for Astoria Seafood & Grill. However, the pictures of the place look like they might have re-vamped the concept, as it looks like a more traditional restaurant, with booths.

Almost… but no, bec I don’t enjoy long waits.

sorry, maybe it should simply be “astoria seafood”. I see recent online reviews for it:

I requested a title change to my op…

Almost… but no, bec I don’t enjoy long waits.

ha! I thought to myself “what an odd reply” because I read this as “almost…but no bacon, egg and cheese. I don’t enjoy long waits”

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Well they were insanely popular pre pandemic as I recall, and there were usually long waits at each stage - waiting to choose fish, waiting for a table to be available…

I was there twice pre-pandemic and didn’t have to wait too long for anything. I went with friends who knew when to get there (earlier in the evening), to grab a table before the fish, and to order a big salad so that we had something to eat while waiting for the fish (which did not take too long, in any case). Having said that, the food was simple and a little dull (fried, steamed or broiled) with no frills, and with bits of shell accompanying the sea urchin. It was certainly an experience, though – loud, with singing and a conga line on one visit.

By the way you picked your fish not by pointing, but by sticking your hand into a plastic bag, picking fish up from ice bins and putting it on a tray.

sounds perfect, i grew up in a fishing community and love simply prepared, just caught fish. and a conga line you say!

We went on our last trip. We really enjoyed everything. The highlight was red mullet from Sicily. Great anchovies {fried}, octopus {grilled} and more. The langoustines were frozen and nothing special. The lemon potatoes were really good. The meal was under $100 for 2. BYOB. We sat outside with little wait, but we went early and it was a drizzly day. .