Astoria Queens Hamido Seafood

As visitors to New York City, we were aware of Astoria’s reputation for Greek seafood. This trip, with 8 days of eating, meant more restaurant research and we found Hamido Seafood. What a treat!

They follow the seafood market model: an iced display with whole fish splayed out. We chose a Dorade and, given octopus was sold out, calamari. The fish was baked with an herbed olive oil and the calamari grilled. Once you pick your fish, you sit and order sides: we chose a mezze assortment.

A very nice touch, especially in the heat wave of our visit, was the pitcher of ice water filled with crushed ice, cucumber, mint and lemon. Very refreshing in the midst of the 95 degree heat wave.

The mezze arrived with thick, fluffy pits. There was tahini sauce, babaganough, moussaka and roasted potatoes. They were all quite good with the potatoes and moussaka the standouts. The moussaka was baked eggplant, zucchini, very spicy peppers and herbs. All was haltingly soft yet still toothsome. The potatoes had sweet red peppers and herbs. Again the potatoes were perfectly soft but not overcooked or soggy. The baba was loaded with garlic and very rich. The tahini sauce was delicious.

The calamari came first, well charred on the grill and perfectly cooked. Perhaps the best thing of the meal. The fish was nicely, if unevenly cooked. The cavity had been rubbed with a green herb oil which really set off but did not cover up the fish. The fish was perfectly good on the bottom side and the belly portion of the top. But the dorsal portion was a touch dry. Having cooked thousands of dorade over the years, I am not sure how they got 75% perfect and one bit dry. But a dunk in tahini and spritz of lemon made up for the slight flaw.

We sat on the patio and took our time as it was the downhill portion of the evening. We chatted with a neighboring table: an Indian couple. That, plus chatting with our server and the manager made for a social evening.

This meal reminded me if Italian seafood I have dined on in Venice and Naples. What a pleasant find. And this very generous dinner was $65. We will be back. Would love to go with others to try more stuff. We are here through saturday night and thinking about a second trip.


thanks for this review dean! at hamida last night, fantastic fish, we had dorade, calamari and shrimp. byob with reasonably priced wine shop next door, drank reasonably good wine out of plastic water glasses so bring glassware if that’s important to you.


Yum! We almost stopped there on our way to the train. But it would have cut things close.

Looks delicious

dean, we thought the calamari was the star of the show too, tender, perfectly breaded and fried. the dorade brought back memories of growing up in a fishing village and eating seafood we’d caught the same day. the shrimp was delicious but will probably skip next time in favor of their red hued scallops, they looked fabulous.

thanks again!

A secons visit to Hamido was even better than the first! We had octopus and a whole flounder. Enough food for 3!

The octopus was sliced and grilled. It had the perfect balance of chew and tenderness. Olive oil, salt and pepper was all it needed.

The flouner was superb. Very juicy and tasty. We had it baked with an oil and grain topping. So good.

Our sides were green shrimp soup which was loaded with flavor. And beet salad which was pretty plain but a fabulous foil to the seafood.

We took a bottle of wine. Blue plastic water tumblers were provided which messes with the perception of the wine.

We met the owner Horace and he is a treat. He told us to call him before we travel to Egypt and we will.


looks like we need to ask for the tagine! her writing is always so overthetop!

The writing is definitely overdone (across the board).

(Egyptian tagine doesn’t call out to me like moroccan or Tunisian because of the lack of spicing, and especially as a prep for fresh seafood. But there are enough other people to eat it.)

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Always and forever. I can’t stop rolling my eyes when I read her.

But still appreciate her not committed to expensive, 1% businesses.

I don’t think any of the food writers I read is limited to high end stuff. I get what she’s trying to do; I just think it’s showy and mostly pointless. And untrustworthy - I’ve been to places she touted when she was writing reviews, and she oohed and aahed over a lot of food that was okay at best.

tagine is a food that I want to like but just haven’t found it compelling. We used to order it at the morroccan star in brooklyn, it was often on every table, dunno, maybe I need to make a bunch of different renditions at home.

I don’t mind her over-the-top style but I’d trust y’all over her food opinions.


I think tagine which refers to the type of casserole pot is really more of a cooking method than a recipe. I wasnt blown away by the atlantic ave moroccans- were they run by the almontaser family?? Including their tagines but I remember how exotic and sophisticated their food seemed when we first moved to brooklyn.

I just think it will be nice to have a sauced dish in contrast to all the plainly prepared seafood when we go to Hamido. Are we decided on Hamido for Dec 12?

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I would vote to hold hamido for sunday feb/mar 10 lunch.

It looks like a group of us are going to follow in your footsteps and go to Hamido on Dec 12th, as several of us (including me) are going to be gone starting Jan for significant periods of time & we wanted to get one last 2022 group dinner in. We’ll miss you at this one, as I’m sure you’ll miss me (you will, won’t you?) at whatever is arranged in Feb.

New onion. Who dat?

i’d love to try it!

10 HO Eaters enjoyed Hamido Seafood last night. Friendly staff, good fish carefully cooked and flavorfully seasoned, tasty sides and BYO - whats not to like?? I particularly enjoyed the egyptian herring salad, made creamy with some tahini and just enough chile and other seasoning to make it interesting, a very good baba ganoush, octopus, squid and shrimp roasted and dressed with olive oil and garlic, the tagine (seafood cooked in a mellow well spiced tomato sauce), good over their chewy golden rice, and the roasted fishes.


Especially stellar, according to me, were the herring salad, the snapper, and the roasted octopus, shrimp and squid, which had an absolutely perfect texture and spice level. I wasn’t as taken with the tagine - the taste of the seafood got lost in the tomato sauce. I thought the dorade pleasing, taste-wise, but too mushy. Maybe frying would’ve been a better prep for this fish. And the clams were fine, but whoever shucked them dumped all the brine, so they were too dry.

Overall a great place, though, and the service was excellent, especially considering how crowded it got.

Visual aids!

Fish, to be admired, discussed and ordered.



Greek salad: standard issue vegetables, better than average feta.


Herring salad: Not your bubbe’s Vita herring!




Roasted squid, shrimp and octopus OMG. My avatar wants to join them.


Clams. There were also roasted clams.




Superior snapper.