Assaggini Di Roma, Hazlet

My entry in the Best Restaurant in The Worst Strip Mall contest. Great service, solid food, and barely a dent in the wallet.


I would give the counter argument, just seeing the photos and their prices on the menu, that to have a profitable restaurant with this approach they most likely are using the cheapest/lowest quality ingredients. Everybody has different priorities but I prefer small portions or higher prices to also have focus on quality.

Or not pay much for the rent. As stated, that strip mall is pretty grim. Quality of food is comfortably above average and the place was packed with a crowd that knows a quality deal and is willing to travel for it.

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There used to be a restaurant by this exact name on the southern end of the Ironbound. Does anyone know if they’re connected?


Yes. From their website:
Assaggini Di Roma is a premier and authentic Italian Restaurant that was founded by Mario Parisi in 1996. After its success in Newark, NJ they opened their second location in Hazlet and has proudly served the Hazlet area and beyond since 2010.


Yeah that strip mall is depressing. My in-laws love this place.


Thanks, Eli! FIOS was out all day yesterday and I just couldn’t look at my phone any longer!


I live right around the corner from here and never knew it existed!! This place looks dope, I love local Italian joints like this. That ambiance!!


Holy Cannoli, I didn’t put 2 and 2 together and realize that it was the same crew…it seemed like the last Italian place in The Ironbound jammed amongst the truck yards. I think they had a bar back then, but this BYOB works for us. They even have live music some nights, and I think Frankie Vallee’s brother is coming up, as if they needed to burnish their Newark roots…now that I remember them. :wink: