Asian - particularly Chinese - monmouth?

Funny you mention gangster Chinese places, I have a personal theory that the more ghetto a Chinese takeout place is, the better the food. Haha.


Yeah it’s not great but reminds me of Ruby Palace. That old-fashioned, dated but not drab, Americanized-Chinese feel. If only they had a bar so I could get an overpriced umbrella beverage. :smiley:

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Ah Ruby Palace. Yes they did have those oversized umbrella drinks. I remember because they spilled a strawberry one all over my white linen outfit.


I forgot about The Oriental. They have a pretty diverse menu & the food was good.

I think you’re right lol. The really gangster joints tend to have great fried wings. I’ve noticed that.

I tried delivery from Joy House the other night because Ming Ying can be inconsistent. Ordered a pork egg roll and received a shrimp egg roll–gross to me. The General Tso’s chicken was a spongy mess–went right into the garbage. The lo mein was quite good. The egg drop soup had no more flavor than water–down the drain.

It doesn’t sound like there was much joy in your house :wink:


Speaking of Chinese gangsters, true story here.

We were in Philly China Town looking for a place to eat when a beat cop asked us if the white stretch limo was ours.

When we said no, he started writing a ticket.

So we asked him where to go eat, and he said the local precinct all went to Sang Kee duck house.

We’ve been going back for 20 years now, the food is always awesome and the service prompt. They serve an awesome Hong Kong duck, which is my favorite.

And to think it all started with a ticket for some triad gangstas stretch Lincoln.

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I find the ming to be pretty consisent but I generally only order the same dishes over and over.

I wish I could get some decent Peking duck around here.

Phlushing or Philly…

I’ll take China town. Flushing is a hike and Philly…well I’ll keep my comments to myself. I do like their cheese steaks.

Does the crown palace in middletown or marlboro have any decent duck?

Not really…

There’s a “boneless” duck item on the menu but what’s a duck with no bones ?


There is a BBQ stand in the little grocery attached to the Crap Palace on 35 that has ok duck to go if you are really jonesing.

Decoy in Manhattan serves Peking duck that’s considered by many the best in NYC. I haven’t managed to get there yet (high on my “go to” list), but a friend whose palate I absolutely trust has had it and said it is sensational.

I’ll have to research that.

Ps…My friend went to indian accent again and said it was phenomenal.

Usually I get my duck fix at Kunya siam. She does a good basil duck dish. It’s gotten pricier but back when it was 17 bucks it was in my weekly rotation or at least every 2 weeks.

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West Lake does a Peking Duck that gets excellent reviews.

I like the Peking Duck at Peking Pavilion on RT 33 in Manalapan

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If you check what goes into preparing a real Peking style duck, the process is pretty involved:

It also takes 2-3 days. And is twice the cost other duck dishes.

So the restaurants that serve the correctly prepared Peking duck tend to specialize in Peking duck. It’s all about the skin, which needs to be crispy. I find real Peking duck dry and bland.

Personally I prefer Cantonese or Hong Kong style roast duck. It’s juicier, more highly seasoned, and the skin is not served as a separate course. It’s what you usually get from a Chinese bbq around here.

I also have a hard time believing that all these small establishments around here are serving a real Peking style duck given the cost and labor intensive process. So I would agree that some research is in order.

So here’s what Anthony Bourdain did after his latest trip to China: