Asian Markets in Portland, ME?

I am thinking of making the trek down to Portland to an Asian market, specifically to pick up produce (winter produce options are super limited where I am) and fresh noodles/dumpling wrappers (non-existent where I am). I am good on pantry stuff.

There seem to be three Asian markets in Portland.

Hong Kong Market
Sun Market
Veranda Asian Market

Anyone have any intel on any of these? In the Before Times of course I would have happily hit all three… In the absence of guidance I am likely to go to Veranda, lured by the siren call of roast duck.


Unfortunately, no guidance to offer (though I have heard of Veranda and Sun Market, FWIW).

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I’ve been to Sun market once, like 10 years ago and it was very well-stocked.

I wonder if you could ask local restaurants such as Cong Tu Bot or Honey Paw where they supplement their supplies?


I decided to go to Hong Kong Market as it was the only one of the three with a lot of reviews mentioning produce. It did have some nice produce and I found some other stuff - it reminded me a lot of Reliable Market in Somerville in being cramped and stuffed chock full and sort of hard to navigate. Then with roast duck rice plate on my mind and because there had only been a very few people in the store I went to Veranda Market. I’m so glad I did! Much bigger selection of produce and tofu, fresh meat, poultry and seafood, much more navigable. I didn’t really look at the groceries but this is the one I’ll go back to even though they were not offering the prepared food I went for. Part of my haul:

@digga I know you will be unhappy with all the plastic but it did make it easier to grab and get out. Both stores were nearly empty and I was in and out of both very efficiently. I am over the moon to have such gorgeous produce and some dumpling wrappers!!!


It’s especially hard to avoid plastic if it’s a store where the wrappers are intended to protect mostly against fingers.

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