Asbury Park Press on New Restaurants in Red Bank [NJ]

“10 of Red Bank’s newest restaurants, sweet shops”

The one that got me was Tacoholics. Did Red Bank really need another taqueria when it had North of the Border, International Mexican Grocery (a.k.a. International Mexican Food), and Lino’s? Then I saw that Tacoholics offered (apparently) only crisp tacos, and would make them with General Tso’s Sauce, and I was enlightened.


Surprised they missed the new Vietnamese joint about to open in the old Readie’s Deli space on Broad St.

I think it is Ban Khun?

Nice. I hope it is as good or better than Pho Le.

Latest rumor is that The Greek Spot will be moving into the old O Bistro spot.

this would be AMAZING. I just hope that cursed location doesn’t win out

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Let me make sure I’m reading this correctly lol. So the ocean spot is moving into the French bistro spot across from the wawa? I could be messing this up but let me know.

If so, Jesus. …Bob and you guys are going to have to meet me for some lamb and lemon chicken! I always liked the pics from the g spot

I’m going to be really REALLY pissed if they move from their current location!

Honestly, I hope you heard wrong because they have NO reason to “move”. Open a second location, YES, but move? No!!!

(FWIW we ordered take out last week from them, I got the lamb shank with out risotto and they actually gave me two smaller shanks. Don’t know if that was because I said no risotto or if because they were smaller than usually but I wasn’t asking any questions or arguing about it)

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Ha! Exactly my thoughts re: their moving.

And I had the same thing happen with the lemon chicken once…doubled up—WITH potatoes! I thought it was because it was closer to closing time, but they were slightly smaller pieces.

looks like it’s a second location if I read article correctly…

SHWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW! And, hey—I smell a holiday HOdown…

“Bobby Lekkas, who owns the business with his wife, Angela (she’s the chef), have another restaurant called Greek Spot in Ocean Township. The Red Bank restaurant, which they hope to open before Christmas, will have a take-out operation accessed through the front door, and a 120-seat dining area off the parking lot side entrance, he said.”

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I just hope they can keep up the consistency.

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I hope the lamb shank doesn’t suddenly become $24!!

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This is good news. Is that a typo? Can that place fit 120 seats? Seems like way more than I would have thought