Asbury Park NJ Oyster-Fest Sept 8-9-10

Just a quick FYI if you’re looking to do something this weekend. It’s in a field across from the convention center next to The Wonder Bar. I went last night, nothing of any culinary significance but a nice night to walk around grab some food truck food and some oysters! Live music, beer and wine and the Asbury Park board walk make it a worthwhile trip.

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Misanthrope that I am, I tend to avoid scenes like that.

However if you are interested in having your own quiet little oyster fest, I can highly recommend the Tuesday special at Brickwall in AP.

They usually have 4-6 different kinds, including West Coast Oysters, and every one is $ 1.00.

They post the sorts to be featured on any given Tuesday in the photo section on their Facebook page:

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Slurp slurp!

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Lol. Us misanthropes have to stick together. You should come to a hodown, no normals here.


You know Seal I was also going to make a comment about Sapphic love when I saw this thread’s title, but then I thought better of it since I would not want to stress out our moderator, @NotJrvedivici.

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Hey Seal, do you think you can get crabs at the Oyster-fest?

Maybe @corvette_johnny knows…

You have a good chance of getting this kind:

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Those sound delicious.

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Yes the had crab and lobster if it floats your boat! Fried clams too!!!

Could use the help…