Asbury Park Festhalle & Beirgarten Asbury Park, NJ

I mentioned this elsewhere, but the Festhalle is corning they’re own beef for ST. Paddy’s Day and for all of March. Had it last night and it was very good & a bit different from your typical CB. Just an FYI.


@JoeBabbitt - For me the question at AP F&B is always “Was it too salty?”

Not that this is a mortal sin, but if they would just tone it down a little I would promise to still consume mass quantities of their beer.

If they’re making corned beef short ribs, it is a special treat which is not always on their menu. They sell out quick. Boneless and delicious with a liter.


Apparently they are doing a beer / girl-scout cookie pairing!! (taken from a friend on facebook)



'Twas a time, not so very long ago, anyone trying this would be handed a Restraining Order by Girl Scout lawyers…

If they were a national brand doing this I could see how that could happen, but a one store location? I doubt it unless some assh*le posted it on the internet or something.


Or, some NotAssh*le…


I see what you did there…


Huh? NotMe…

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I participated in a bar crawl yesterday in celebration of my nieces 30th surprise birthday party. There were probably 30-40 people involved in the crawl which started here. When we originally arrived ahead of the birthday girl we set up at a few tables on the main (in-door) floor, however we were instructed to go upstairs to the outside rooftop bar/tables which we did. Needless to say although it was a nice day it was a bit windy and chilly being on the rooftop but “whatever” we can bare it for the hour we were going to be there…

As more guests arrived my brother in law arrived with his two sons and his 16 year old step daughter, whom he was told was not allowed on the rooftop due to the fact she wasn’t 21. He had no option but to abide since the bouncer made it clear he had to. My brother in law comes to the rooftop sans the daughter and explains the situation to his sister / mother of the birthday girl who was upset because when the birthday girl arrives the surprise will be ruined when she sees her 16 year old cousin sitting alone downstairs, so the birthday girls mom and organizer of the event went and brought the girl upstairs.

I should point out at this time there were already 2 families with children on the rooftop already, the kids were gleefully running around up there. So the 16 year old comes up and 5 minutes later so does the bouncer to “throw her out” - no joke.

When we point out if she has to go then in fairness so should the other families with under age children the bouncer said no, they are fine because those are “obviously” children. Their policy is kids are welcome upstairs but teenagers are not allowed so he insisted she leave. I spoke with him and explained the birthday/surprise aspect and he allowed her to stay with the promise of my taking her back down after the surprise, which I did.

What happened next was truly surprising, after taking her downstairs and asking to speak to the manager I was met after a 15 minute wait by a woman claiming to be the manager. By now a half dozen members of the party including the birthday girls mom who again organized the event had come to see how I was doing, the manager wouldn’t allow the girl to go upstairs.

Instead the 40± guests all had to come back down off the rooftop to the main floor where we had started to begin with and were told by the same manager we had to go upstairs! Insult to injury the staff /manager didn’t offer to help carry the dozen + pretzels plates or drinks for guests coming down, we literally had to move everything from the rooftop to the main floor.

While perhaps not a big deal there are two flights of dimly lit stairs that people are navigating with both their hands full, it was very very very poorly handled by the manager. The bouncer is just doing his job, I get that but the manager seemed to enjoy being a “b*tch” just for the sake of being so.

Her position was since the girl went upstairs when she was told she wasn’t allowed she disobeyed their rules and no exception would be granted, completely ignoring the fact it was done to prevent ruining the surprise or the entire reason we were there to begin with.

There was even a police officer who was a guest and he offered his personal assurance that he would accept full responsibility for the girl on the rooftop the manager still said no.

It was so poorly handled I can say this was my first and last time ever going here. Oh and the 3 other bars;
Ale House
Bond St
Johnny Mac’s

Nobody had a problem with her entering their establishments unrestricted.


Jr the bar knew about the crawl, number in your party and underage guests ahead of time?
If so, that’s a crawl killer.
If not…yeah Mgr busted your chops cause she can.

I did not organize/book it but my sister in law (birthday girl mom) and her other daughter both said it was discussed when they booked it. They didn’t have the name of whom they booked it with so the manager more or less ignored what they said. I would tend to believe them because there were supposed to be 2 other underage cousins attending but they didn’t show.

This does not surprise me. That place seems quite disorganized, but I’ve only been there a few times.

Did you at least have fun and get a buzz?

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Yeah sounds like it. Glad for you and your party the rest of the bday crawl worked out.

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I hope you contacted ownership. If I were an owner I’d want to know about the shoddy treatment my customers received.

Unless the fish rots from the head, of course.


What is the state law for kids at a bar? I thought it was illegal to have an underage person sitting at a bar that serves alcohol.

I wonder if the entire rooftop there is considered a bar. Just wondering. NJ is a whacky state with liquor laws.

I know one of the owners, will pass this along


I agree—the owner (Jen) would, I believe, have handled this differently… She needs to know about it.

Arrogance is in full bloom all over the U,S.

To bad you and your family & friends got a full dose of it at a celebration.


A buzz would be an understatement, the crawl lasted till about 6pm then we went home rested then rallied for late night happy hour at the Pour House. Nothing better than a cheddar burger to soak up 12 hours of alcohol abuse.

@tomt I believe someone asked for the owners email, I really don’t have a dog in this fight so this post(s) are the extent of my follow up.

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