Asbury Kitchen by David Burke, Asbury Park

I know this has been mentioned elsewhere, but thought it deserved its own thread since the ‘pop-up’ is now open and based on what I’ve seen and heard, people are flocking.

For starters, I’m happy to see that the former Modine space is being used during this very weird time. BUT. Any menu posted online without pricing is a huge red flag for me (And yes, I know the saying that if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it…not the case–I view the practice as elitist BS, but ymmv).

I was out walking on Friday ~7:30 and the tables outside were all full as DB brought dessert out to an obviously happy table. He then made a few additional stops, which those diners seemed to appreciate. Then I saw neighbors yesterday who said they had been there and he brought the bacon to their table. They shared the menu with me (they had taken a pic), and the prices are Apps: $16-$32, Mains: $24-$39, Sides: $7, and Desserts: $10-$19.

Anyone been yet?


Not yet, but may be making a reservation for next Monday the 24th

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New concept: A restaurant with only prices but no description! $29.95 - could be chicken, fish, steak or pasta! If you’ve got the money what do you care!?!?!?!

Mystery coming to a high end town near YOU!!


I love it. :rofl: :rofl:

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From their website:

For Asbury Kitchen by David Burke , Burke has created a Modern American menu with a bistro-style flare reflecting the restaurant’s classy but casual and fun-filled tone

BS! It’s the same DB menu and the same DB prices.

I wouldn’t eat there, even if I was using @NotJrvedivici 's money!


There’s an article about the restaurant on today but it’s behind the paywall.

So we can’t see the prices and we can’t read the article. This isn’t a pop-up restaurant, it’s a stealth restaurant.


Well, we can’t read the review/article because of, not because of anything the restaurant did. It’s becoming more and more frustrating; I have a subscription to a major (inter)national paper, but I’m not going to pay to read or the APP–not while they’re chock full of typos, poor grammar, and old/outdated news on their home pages! /rant

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I know it’s’s fault just like it’s’s fault and’s fault, and so on. But it’s hard not to get annoyed in general when every source of information seems blocked. (I include Facebook in this.)

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Sadly I heard they auctioned things to the bare walls this weekend, and its all gone, I was hoping to go when the flowers came back this spring. Sorry I missed the auction, probably fun things went quickly


And as one departs another arrives…

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