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C’mon…you know you’ve done it. The end of a long day, you have some anxiety over an upcoming event(s) you can’t sleep flipping the channels when all of a sudden…SHAM-WOW there is a infomercial that catches your attention. Like eating an entire pint of ice cream, we’ve all done it although we would never admit it, well this is your chance to cleanse your guilty conscious over your frivolous infomercial purchase that you actually liked!!

I’ll be the first to admit I have pretty miserable knife! skills. Since I grew up in the business most of the prep work was already done when I started to learn to cook, as a result I never developed good knife skills. Slicing and dicing are not my strong suits so I do appreciate a good “chopper”. I’ve had several of these vidallia choppers over the years and generally find them very useful.

So how about you…??? What happens in the “As Seen on TV” thread stays on the As Seen on TV thread. fess up!!

I’ve been tempted but I usually read the reviews and end up not doing it

Nope. Not even once. I got a George Foreman grill as a gift. I re-gifted it.

Copper Chef square pan, liked it so much I bought the larger version with all the accessories. Both have held up for months already and I have gifted about a dozen of the pans to family and friends. The infomercials are a hoot but the product is solid, imo.

That’s one I came close to getting. But then I read the copper color can come off on a glass cooktop. Any issues?

I have a gas oven. I have used the pans in a 500 oven, on a gas grill and on rough stove grates. The set has held up very well. No issue in the dishwasher and the stuff is guaranteed for the life of the company. Food doesnt stick and the recipe book actually performs as written.

I dont buy many tv products but this one I get alot of bang for the buck.

Years ago (probably the early 90s) I ordered a wok. The infomercials played all the time. I think I still have it somewhere.

Never been tempted.

Unfortunately the same is not true of relatives who use it as inspiration for my christmas presents…!

Most sit in the cupboard but a V-Slicer was a hit and I have used it regularily for about 10 years


I liked my George Foreman - it made the best grilled asparagus. It finally died & now we have some Cuisinart thing which is a real piece of crap.

My ex had a Ginzu knife…

I don’t doubt it has its uses. But it doesn’t perform any unique function, so for me it just wasted space (which is at a premium in my kitchen).

Now having college aged kids I can see how these “electronic” grills have their place or uses, even for city dwellers. My car actually has an a/c outlet and I’m considering getting one for tailgating. Much easier and safer.

Ohhhhhh I have a couple Ginzu knives…they are perfect for when I have to cut a tin can then a tomato then a tin can and another tomato!!!

I do have a couple that I purchased during a super market demonstration though, not from TV. I do use them fairly frequently they are excellent for cutting paper thin tomatoes, onions and the chef’s knife is excellent for cutting chicken.


I will also add you have to be SUPER careful with these things. You will cleanly slice your finger off before you realize you’ve cut the skin. They are actually somewhat scary.

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Didn’t buy on TV (didn’t watch those ads), but I suspected they were sold there: set of silicone stretch lids that comes in different sizes. Useful when your bowl is dry, couldn’t put the thing back if the dish has been in the fridge with condensation.

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was it the “hand hammered wok”? The English guy did the infomercial? I almost got that one - many of my friends did. I lovedf the scene where they showed the workers sitting outside “hand” hammering the woks into shape…

In an interview, George Foreman (whose wife actually tried the grill, not him), stated that he made in excess of $200 million on, and there were some months that he made $8 million per month on sales of the Foreman Grill. His agent came to him with three endorsement opportunities. One was a meatball maker that his agent’s other client Hulk Hogan took (and it bombed), but George took the grill option. Good choice I would say!

That was exactly the wok - those infomercials ran all the time back in the day. Hand hammered, showed how the hammer marks “held” the food up the side so you could stir fry more on the bottom, came with a ladle and a chan (?) that fit together perfectly to help stir frying, and a bamboo scrubber for almost instant clean up … its oddly burned into my memory.

Hey wait!!! I have that wok!!! Hahahahah and it still works great!! The only thing is the handle didn’t come attached so it is a little hard to manage while cooking. Still have the bamboo scrubber too!!!

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