As Kneaded Bakery, San Leandro report w/ PICS


Tried out As Kneaded Bakery because it’s across the street from Noodles Pho Me. It’s a tiny shop with only breads and pastries. There was a pop-up coffee stand inside too.

I got a Bostock $5 - they had mocha when I went and only 2 left. I got one of them. Tried it later and I really liked it. Good chocolate flavor and nice bread.

I also got a Loaf of Sesa Miche $8.50 - it’s a good size sesame bread very chewy outside and soft inside. I liked it ok.

Other breads they have:
Challah, flax sunflower, honey rye porridge, miche, spelt walnut.
Prices: Loaves $8.5, half loaves $5, baguette $4, Pain D’Epi $5.

Pastry rack I saw:
Bostock $5
Birote $2
Bialy $2.5
Chocolate chip brioche $2.5

They take credit cards. Only open weekends 10am-5pm.

As Kneaded Bakery
585 Victoria Ct, San Leandro


(Jimmy ) #2

Breathtaking prices. And, not in a good way…



yup, like SF prices. I hope they can make it because they are only open Weekends.

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Do they bake there?

Wait till you see our real estate prices!



I think they do bake there in the back. I couldn’t see it, but on Instagram they show pictures of them making the breads.

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Looking at your picture more, I think the oven is behind the stainless steel bread rack. It’d be kinda pointless to open only on weekends if they don’t bake there. Its also kinda weird that they only supply e.g. Piazza’s from Thursday to Monday.



Fairly standard for small organic artisan Bakeries around here.
M.H. Bread and Butter 6-12 per Loaf dependant and Size and Style


(Jimmy ) #8

Sorry but the prices charged can’t stop me from being astonished. Bread is a dietary staple the world around. Has been since the beginning of time. Every table, rich or poor needs bread on it.

Some “artist” comes along and tells me their bread is worth 3 times any other, and I’d have to scoff at the claim. Doesn’t matter the neighborhood its sold in.



Not all Bread is created equal

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But then, folks in other countries can make the same argument about bread in Detroit being excessively pricey, artisan or not, no?


(Joe Petolino) #11

Prices are high compared to a standard one-pound loaf, but As Kneaded loaves are two pounds. Per pound they’re about average, or even a little low, for non-industrial bread in this area. Of course that’s little consolation if you can’t eat two pounds of bread before it goes stale.



I got the Sesa Miche also last weekend. The crust was a little soft by the time I bit into it, likely a few hours after baking and delivery. I also liked it ok. Since its the same style of bread, I gave the edge to the Tartine sesame loaf, though this one is cheaper relatively and is closer to where I am.

They got a new bag now.

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