Arugula ideas

I love the pesto idea. If you’re under real scoreboard pressure to use it or lose it, I’m thinking you could buy yourself a decent amount of time just by making a basic ‘pre-pesto base’ of the blitzed rocket and some oil and storing in jars. Give you some time to adjust and vary the flavour profile as you use it.

I think it’d also work great as raw loosely chopped leaves in burritos, though granted that’s pretty much just another ‘salad’ instance.

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Yes, sun dried tomatoes, Reggiano Parmigiano aged cheese, Evoo, Salt & Pepper … A pinch of oregano.

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This is a dish we enjoyed in Rome. Beef strips with arugula.

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That’s just like the tagliata I mentioned upthread, although without the Parmesan.

I noticed there was a theme of basically putting hot meat on arugula and letting the leaves wilt. Even the sheet pan chicken and bread salad was along those lines. I’m certainly trying a few of these ideas soon.


There are other recipes on the internet for Straccetti that do include parmesan.

Lovely dish …

Thank you for posting the recipe.

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