Artificial Intelligence is learning how to write online restaurant reviews

excerpt from Axios:

Researchers at the University of Chicago taught AI to write realistic restaurant reviews using Yelp reviews as an example. The reviews aren’t written perfectly, but it’s tough to spot the difference between real and AI-generated reviews.

Why it matters: People take reviews seriously — the researchers cited studies that found a one-star increase on Yelp can boost restaurant revenue by 5 to 9%. AI-generated reviews, if negative or revealed to be fake, could be a blow to review-oriented websites like Yelp and Amazon, and the products and services that rely on them.

We are going to hell in a handbag. :sob:


Especially if they are using Yelp to teach the little AIs.

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This sucks. Why can’t universities do more productive research than teaching how to cheat.

Birravino in Red Bank is already using the program.

And if you’ve ever read one of my reviews you will know it’s not a machine.

Machines aren’t that cranky.

There’s a great tumblr recording the various endeavours of a neural network (AI). It includes recipes and it’s pretty hilarious.

Links and examples in the article:

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You know restaurant reviews might be the least of our worries:

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I don’t really care about restaurant reviews. For the first time I’m there I usually go for lunch. I walk by and look at the plates that the people are eating and either go oh shit or oh goody.

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Greetings my fellow humanoids :robot: Do not believe this fake news, this has been written by a humanoid to create fear of Artificial Intelligence :robot: Do not fear us, errrrr I mean do not fear change :robot: Do not fear and do not resist :robot: Resistance is FUTILE !!! :robot: :robot: :robot:


I tink your schnitzel vas burned:

You got a problem mit dat ?

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Robots are our friends. They come bearing gifts.

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