Article 24 Brighton MA

I was thinking of heading to brunch at the new Article 24 (Biltmore, Local 149 people) tomorrow morning and was wondering if anyone has been and any impressions that you could share. Thanks.

did you get a chance to try it? I’m curious!

Actually we did. Three of us went to brunch on Saturday morning and enjoyed it. The space is really fun with sort of an industrial and at the same time retro vibe and lots of funky artwork. Staff were really enthusiastic and friendly. There were a couple of service/food delivery glitches but it went pretty smoothly considering it was early and only their second brunch.

My husband had falafel cakes and eggs with cheesy grits on the side and liked everything. I sampled the grits and found them creamy and flavorful, maybe too cheesy for some but not for us. Our friend had the grits along with a smoked salmon omelet which he felt was a pretty typical omelet. I had the veggie eggs Benedict with home fries and was pretty happy. The sriracha hollandaise had a nice kick of acid and salt and was well balanced and not overwhelmed by the heat. The eggs were well-poached and the house biscuit tasty tender and tasty. I also enjoyed the potatoes, which were par-boiled and then sort of crushed and deep-fried. Crispy and creamy and a very large portion.

Our server was just lovely. Coffee could be stronger for our tastes but that’s just personal preference. We peeked into the downstairs space and liked that as well. We’ll definitely head back some night soon to try the burgers.

Oh, and on weekends there is parking in the lots on either side of the restaurant.

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