Arnold’s Lumberton nc

turns out that if you open a restaurant where about half the menu is fried food, you get pretty good at frying food. Arnold’s is a must stop for us, a guilty pleasure, but in a nod to our rapidly declining life expectancy, we typically eat plant-based foods only the day before and the day after. Just two sizes on the draft beer, 12 and 24 ounces,

I suggested to the server that in the spirit of excess, they eliminate the 12 ounce glass, I was thanked for my input, maybe not as politely as I’ve just written, there was some muttering about “Yankees” but it was tough to follow given the accent and froth gathering about the mouth. The manager snapped a photo of us getting into our tesla, probably wants to roll out the red carpet when next we visit.



Now that’s a righteous fry-fest!

I love curly fries - don’t know why they aren’t everywhere

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Arnold’s Lumberton. Not really a place one finds them self much but damn I would like some of their frog legs! I haven’t been there in forever!

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We’re there 3-4 times a year, will try frogs legs next visit, thanks!

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In the most food boardy way, let me tell you that you shoulda stopped in Fayetteville & gone to Fullers instead. But you know that. And, if I ever took pictures of Ginny like those you posted of Ms. Vinouspleasure, I wouldnt have made it to Florida. See you when we all return to NYC.

I guess I’m missing it, why would we go to fullers in Fayetteville when we could go to the one in Lumberton? Having said that, we’ve been to the one in Lumberton 2-3 times and didn’t like much except the fry bread.

Was my wife in those photos? I just saw the food.

I thought that they closed the one in Lumberton.

oh, you’re right! anyhow, I prefer to save my bbq marital coin for Shulers, mccabes or gary lee’s grocery. my brothers and I have received permission from our significant others for another bbq trip, planning, which is a euphemism for pretending to look at a map, drinking, and arguing, has commenced!

how’s the bbq in pairs?