Are these Wagner skillets worth saving, and how?

Interesting, Kaleo! Might be cheaper to buy those things than take them to a shop. Tricky in a small NYC apartment though. That is also the problem with the easy off method–where to hose down without damaging the apartment (worth more than the skleets, I am sure)! But I am interested in your report. Have you ever done this before?

So, first try, mixed results. The water tank was very dirty this morning, but the rate was definitely not stripped of all rust. It’ll stay in the bath today, and I’ll see.

Anyone trying this: (1) use/buy a manual battery charger, not an automatic one. (2) The leads go black to skillet and red to anode. (3) Use 1-2T of washing soda per gallon of water. (4) Tank must be plastic.

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What was the anode?

The first time I used a largish rectangle of 3/8" mild steel. I think the sizes of grate and anode (and volume of the tank, and the necessary terminal spread) was less than ideal. I’ve shifted to using a length of 1/2" rebar.

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