Are there any Spanish language food forums?

I would love to find some Spanish language food forums that cover Spain and Latin America. I’ve found a few sites over the years, but most are not food focused, some are more review sites, and all have very little activity.

Got any leads?

Thanks in advance.

ETA: Just to be clear, I’m not looking for recipe forums. I’m mostly interested in food talk.

Not that I’ve come across, at least not for Spain.

I did research some years back, when I was in contact with a senior manager at Chowhound. I was urging them to develop their international boards, such as the Spain one, away from just being a place where Americans asked about where to eat in Barcelona, into a more embracing one (albeit still in English), where ex-pats livng in Spain or a much wider group of Anglophone tourists would feel at home. Bearing in mind the numbers of mainly north Europeans who live in or holiday in Spain, in seemed a golden opportunity, to grow the board rather than keep it basically relating to the handful of cities visited by Americans - but it came to nothing.

So, like you, I’ve come across mainly a few review sites but nothing more generally foody in any language.

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Yeah, it would be nice if the Spain/Portugal CH board had more discussions about food and not just Barcelona and San Sebastian restaurant recommendations. I guess the conversation goes the way the users take it, and the users are mostly globe-trotting foodies with Michelin star budgets. There were a few very knowledgeable members who had very interesting tips, but they left the board a while ago.

It would seem that Spanish foodies are not big on forums. I’ve found a few. I guess the one I browse most is Verema, but the interface isn’t very user friendly so I never spend a lot of time there. Perhaps I should dig through Reddit and see what I can find.