Are pints of Double 8 Gelato still available?


Frozen food sections in Point Reyes station and Inverness used to be lined with pints of Double 8 buffalo milk gelato, ranging in flavors from Candy Cap mushroom to coffee. As the Petaluma dairy has found success marketing their buffalo mozzarella and soft serve throughout the Bay Area, e.g. at Bi-Rite’s window, it appears the gelato pints have taken a hit. They haven’t been available for months at places I used to get it.

Does anyone know whether the pints are still available anywhere, and where, and if not, will they be reintroduced when they can keep up with demand?


Are you looking for Double 8 only, or any buffalo gelato will do? If latter, try Morsey’s Farmhouse in Los Altos. They serve buffalo gelatos, and they keep their own herd of buffaloes.