Are Oregon fries a thing?

This may be better on the General Board so feel free to move. I’m in London and I have a staff canteen. Yesterday they had something called Oregon fries on the menu. I was unable to sample as I was working from home.
I’ve done a bit of research but can’t find anything. Has anyone heard of these? Or has someone on this side of the pond just made them up?

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Never heard of that, was there more description?

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My guess is what are called jojos here.

Breaded potato wedges fried or deep fried.
Or bare, not coated, but I like the breaded ones.


Afraid not. Just minimal description via email.

Thanks. Both of those look like something the canteen would serve. I’ll keep an eye out to see if they have them again.

Never heard of them, but Oregon is a huge potato growing state - so maybe it was a description of where the potatoes were from??? No idea otherwise.

For those here in the States . . . . did we all know the brand Ore-ida (lots of frozen potato products, fries, tater tots, etc) is for Oregon - Idaho . . . Ore-Ida . . . . . (both big potato growing states) I can’t tell you how old I was when I first learned that (put it all together) but it wasn’t long ago enough . . .


Could be from those wonderful potatoes from Tule lake . I get them , the best.

I am going to guess jojos too. I have never heard them called Oregon fries and have no idea why they are called jojos. They are still around but I am told they were all over the place in the 90’s.

They haven’t left. Still here.
Tule Lake is in California right below the border, and right by the Lava Beds National Monument.

Been there a couple of times on kid field trips.

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I know they are still here. The general store down the road sells them at the register like many (most?) mini-mart and gas stations all around the northwest. Probably Ca too. Not sure what the Modoc war has to do with it. Must be a joke that went over my head. Here is a WW article on the origin jojo’s you might find interesting.

wow, those look delicious!

I’ve been to the NW many times, but never remember seeing these fries. My grandson goes to university in Oregon…maybe he’ll have an answer.

Shoot, I was hoping for something more exciting, say curly fries with mushrooms, Oregon blue cheese, and weed gravy.

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