Are dog & cat food prices escalating by you?

I was in my local Pet Supplies Plus yesterday (SE Michigan) to pick up Pill Pockets and Cosequin for our pups. While there, I decided to get a few cans of Pedigree just because (weather related). For pet foods, I’ve found PSP to be higher priced across the board than my local Kroger, so don’t often buy food there. Yesterday, I noticed that PSP had increased prices for Pedigree from 82 cents to 98 cents a can. Little Cesar’s went from 79 cents to 82 cents.

Today I shopped Kroger and noticed that it had moved prices up slightly for these same two wet foods.

Have any HOs anywhere else seen this price move?

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I haven’t noticed. I’ve been purchasing through Chewy for the Circus Cat since he requires a prescription cat food. They have the best price I’ve found.

The new kitty, Skylar eats regular dry kibble. I usually can find a decent brand at Ollies (similar to Big Lots).

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Over the last few years the prices have been steadily increasing. Prices are probably four times what they were 10 years ago… If you don’t need Rx food keep an eye on supermarket sales and pick up a case when the price is at a low. I just reordered food for Mittens, her food is so ridiculously expensive :frowning: 33.36 a case Fussie Cat Super Premium Chicken with Duck Formula in Gravy Grain-Free Canned Cat Food, 2.82-oz, case of 24, she has a tendency to lick the juice and leave the food :unamused:
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary SO Moderate Calorie Dry Cat Food Rx 17.6-lb bag $74.99
:sob::sob::sob: EDIT: I order from Chewy as well


I too purchase our dog’s food from Chewy. So far I have not noticed price creep. Though I bought locally at first, Chewy had the best price and also stocks a particular dental treat (Zuke’s) I have only found online.

Mostly it came down to price and as a bonus not having to haul large bags of food home.

Edited: I don’t have the long history of pet food buying as mentioned by @chowdom


That is a plus! I imagine it’s an even bigger plus for folks without automobiles.


You may be psychic! A friend of mine who calls NYC home tipped me to Chewy.

Fits her car-free life though her cat eats much less than our canine, who would be an eating machine if I indulged her preference.


The meds & supplements we need to provide them are wildly expensive, so I’ve always appreciated that our dogs almost mimic our human food choices: tasty food, not too adventurous.

They graze on a decent dry Chicken & Rice Kibble from breakfast until they finish, about mid afternoon.

At 5 PM, they’re standing at their bowls waiting for the canned food.

Seeing one of their foods increase in price so dramatically was a bit of a shock.


Exactly, too expensive, especially if you compare the pets’ wet food to the price of human food. And sadly the ingredients for pets, even they labelled it premium, I always have doubts. If you read a bit ingredients, there is always animal “by-products” masked in all forms.

Husband and I did some research, we decided to give the cat better food, so we might be able to save money on the vet for liver or kidney problem at a later age. He has a diet of fresh chicken and turkey meat, at times can cat food (Applaws), from time to time a can of human tuna, and ham as snack (love of his life! I know not too healthy, but well…at least, emotionally doing well for him). He has dry cat food available all day long (mainly for taurine). Ratio of 2/3 wet : 1/3 dry food. Unfortunately, the cat doesn’t like liver, organ or grind bones, if not I would like to give him a 100% wet food diet.

Compared to the health of the cat of my neighbour (only on dried food), he is much more healthy and athletic. Never see a vet because of digestive problem. Neighbour’s cat is younger and is overweight and has all type of skin problem due to food allergic.


I buy my dry cat food and litter at Costco, and (much more expensive) Wellness wet cat food at Petco. I’m due for a Petco run soon and hope there’s no surprises.

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I buy grain free / limited ingredients wet and dry cat foods (Merrick, Wellness, Blue Buffalo, Natural Balance) for Alfie and Finnegan at Petco. Haven’t seen a price creep.


I live in Vineland, NJ and noticed there was a price jump of 20% jump in cat food across the board. Every store in town has jacked up the prices. Cat litter has gone up approximately 12%.


Thanks for reviving this topic, QUEENLL77, by posting your observations here.

Welcome to Hungry Onion. If you look around, you’ll see a very active cadre from NJ who are quite enthusiastic about food and lifestyles in your home state.