Ardent, Paris 9

My lunch today at Ardent on the rue Richer is described here.


Merci, encore, @onzieme. I, for one, cannot always be eating very fancy (read: rich, haute cuisine), and that chicken looks delicious. I have not eaten at either of the other two restaurants in their group, though Office has long hung around on my (endless) list of places to try.

Sounds like a reasonable enough place to lunch. Maybe next time I go to the Musee de la Vie Romantique or the Freemasonry Museum I’ll drop by :wink: Thanks.

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Thank you for your many reviews and the newsletter, onz. You are helping make my December restaurant choosing a lot easier!

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Ditto what Kjtravels said - thanks for all the reviews, onzieme (catching up now) and I love your blog. Double sigh on room temperature wine. It’s not that hard, people!

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