Arby's - "...for sandwiches"

We got the meats (pause) for sandwiches. Duh, what else?! Odd they’e been adding that at the end. Anyone else find it strange?

I hadn’t seen the commercials so took a look around:

Summary: Trying to get younger people to know they serve more than just roast beef.

Well…Thank you Meaty-meat! Figures you’d know :smile:

Hey - don’t forget about the “3”! Side dishes accessorize the dinner plate!

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I’ve never heard of Rusty Taco. Never been in a BWW, and haven’t been in an Arby’s for many years.
I might be tempted if all 3 were 1 place, sort of like the Taco Bell/ Pizza Hut combos.
I don’t think I ever saw these new ads either.