Arax, Sevan, Massis – what’s good? [Watertown MA]

That definitely would not be Chris or Steve.

No. I met Striper Guy once at Golden Garden in Belmont. This was during the Golden Age of Chowhound. I was sitting at the next table and couldn’t help overhearing him talking to his companions about other restaurants. It only took a couple minutes to know he was a CH and not a whole lot longer to know it was SG. I introduced myself as I left or he left, don’t remember details. Super nice guy, do not recall his name, but not Chris or Steve. Wish he’d join us here…


Agreed. There were a few others it would be great to lure over.

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Strictly speaking, Sevan also calls themselves Sevan Bakery. You can see what they bake by clicking the “fresh from our oven” link on their website. But I think you’re right that none of these make Syrian-style pocket pita on-premises (though the two Bakeries do claim to bake their own pocketless Armenian Pida bread).

Eastern Lamejun also calls themselves Bakers, though I think their baking is limited to boreks and (appropriately) lamejunes.

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I’m guessing you mean the rosewatery-sweet wheat cake basbousa, which goes by many names: namoura, revani, harisa (not to be confused with harissa (spicy Tunisian chili paste) or hareesa (meaty wheat porridge)). I don’t know which name Sevan uses for it; apparently in Armenian it’s called shamali, so maybe that. But as they say, a semolina cake by any other name would taste as sweet as rose syrup…

It’s easy to make at home. The only problem is that while it can be difficult to eat an entire 9x13 pan of basbousa/harisa/namoura/revani, it can be even more difficult to stop before you’ve eaten the entire pan!


Got more vegetarian cabbage rolls and fasulye (gigantes beans) this weekend. The veggie cabbage rolls are indeed best eaten cold, tried warming them and didn’t like them nearly as much. Meat cabbage rolls on deck for tonight with more of the fabulous fasulye.