April 26, 2023 is NATIONAL PRETZEL DAY ... how are you pretzeling?

Well, here are some ideas:



We will be going to our local German-American society’s social hall for their pretzel celebration! We live in a place where soft pretzels are not prized and it makes me sad. I have been back to Philadelphia three times in the last two months, and the very first thing on my agenda every time is to get a pretzel.

Such a place exists?

On this earth?

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Now I want a very large, warm, soft pretzel sprinkled with crunchy salty bits and a pot of mustard to dip the pull-off bites into. :::Sigh:::


I didn’t know today was National Pretzel Day.

I’ve got a Valerie Bertinelli recipe for home made pretzels. I think I’ll make some this afternoon for Sunshine. She loves them. As a bonus, I have pretzel salt in the pantry, YEA!!

Thanks @ipsedixit


I’ll break out the chocolate-covered pretzels residing in my desk drawer.

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I did not know about ‘National Pretzel Day’. This makes me sad, as my pretzels need an overnight proof in the fridge (I COULD do some if I started RIGHT NOW and might have them ready by dinner, but I have actual work to do, so…)

Also, the partner is out of town, so I would be left with eating all of them myself, which I absolutely WOULD DO.

Note: if you can bake bread, you can make pretzels. Furthermore, you can do it with REAL LYE, rather than baked baking soda. It’s easier, actually, as the lye solution will gel the outer layer of starch on the pretzel WITHOUT boiling. Exercise the same amount of caution you would use clearing out your drain or using oven cleaner. And the finish you get will be unattainable any other way.

Also, big chunky salt is key. Maldon flakes work well, but that’s $$$ adn they WILL dissolve into the pretzel after a couple of hours. Better to order real ‘compressed pretzel salt’ online.

New Orleans has many fine items of food, but they don’t really do pretzels here. Sigh.