April 2020 Openings and Closings [Boston and New England]

While I doubt this thread will see many (or any?) openings this month, there might be some closings. Posting this just so any news like this gets its own space.


It may be worth posting the names of places that have temporarily fully-closed, as well, here (or on some other thread), as long as we are disciplined enough to then report their re-openings.

As reported elsewhere, Sofra and Oleana are temporarily closed. So are Bagelsaurus and Trattoria Pulcinella in Huron Village (which lists a re-opening date right now of May 1).


Re opening dates for any restaurant are “aspirational” since reopening will depend on state and/or local rulings on when dining in can resume; otherwise, it’s take out / delivery only. Sarma is open for take out, and we’ve enjoyed twice, hope to again this week. These are grim times for restaurants. I hope some that are “temporarily closed” re open for take out, but that’s a difficult change. Restaurant web sites in general seem to indicate if take out is available. I’m glad for the updates when the restaurants can do it.

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While they were providing takeout for a while, Masala in Teele Square is now closed until further notice, as is the Happy Crab on the same block.


I decided it would be easier to have a separate closing thread rather than trying to sort through the stock-up thread. Mods, feel free to move this if it makes more sense.

I read on chowhound that Russo’s is closing the retail store from Sun., Apr. 12 until Wed., Apr. 29. Russo’s boxes will still be available Mon.-Fri. and the garden center will be open Mon.-Fri. 9-3 with some limited produce available.

Wagon Wheel Farmstand in Lexington on the Waltham border has closed and isn’t sure when they’ll reopen. They are hoping it won’t be too far in the future.


There’s been some discussion of temp closures already, here:

Oops, sorry for the duplicate. I was separating the restaurant and grocery availability, but now that restaurants are also offering some groceries, it probably doesn’t make sense to separate them

I’ll flag it so the mods can move it.

I actually think it’s useful to have this thread, as distinct from the monthly ones. I only linked to the other thread so that people who came here would not miss seeing the information there.


Wagon Wheel is currently running an outdoor market. I’m guessing some of their closure time was spent setting up the new configuration. Plants, produce, sliced deli meats, dairy, etc. are all accessible outdoors. With the gradually warming temps, that seems like a good call.



it’s an honest-to-god opening! (in my neighborhood, no less). Colette Bakery is open in the old Italo Bakery space at 509 Main St in Medford. They did a good do over of the front space but the back still looks like an old bakery and it smells like it too. Good looking breads and croissants, I bought a plain round white loaf for 6$ and a large ham and cheese croissant thing for 4$. The proprietor is very nice, they have signs up for only two people at a time to come in and it seems verrry promising.


Sad news: as of April 30, Toraya is closed. From https://toraya.jimdofree.com/:

Our landlord has let us know that they are planning to demolish the building. We didn’t want to close the restaurant, but we were notified that our lease would be terminated as of April 30, 2020.
They hope to find a new location but I am not optimistic. They were my go-to sushi place for years despite not being local. I will miss them a lot.